Polyester Endless Round Slings

A polyester round sling is a versatile, convenient, and cost-effective way to lift a variety of cargo. Manufactured in the USA from a continuous loop of polyester yarn, round slings are covered with a durable polyester fabric that is color-coded by capacity.

Benefits of polyester round lifting slings

    • Pliable. The flexible, pliable design of a round sling allows it to adjust to the contours and hug a load better than other types of lifting slings.


    • Low stretch value. The round sling polyester fabric has less stretch, which prevents the sling from locking up on the load when used in a choker hitch.


    • Durable. Polyester offers exceptional resistance to mildew and rot since it won’t absorb water. Because the jacket surrounds the sling, it keeps dirt, grease, oil, abrasions, and UV degradation from compromising the load-bearing core. The jacket also offers protection to the load from scratches, marring, etc.


    • Convenience. The lightweight design of a round sling makes it extremely easy to handle and store when not in use.


    • Strength. Because polyester round slings are manufactured using a continuous strand of polyester fiber, it creates exceptional strength.


    • Economical. When compared to a similarly-styled sling in chain or wire rope, a sling in lightweight polyester is extremely cost efficient.


    • Versatile. Both eye & eye and endless round slings can be used in vertical, choker, or basket hitches, so they’re ideal for a wide variety of applications.


  • Color coded jacket. Round slings are manufactured with a colored fabric jacket based on the weight capacities of the sling. This makes it easy to recognize the weight ratings at a glance. Each sling also has identification tags to indicate size, type, and capacity.
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