Synthetic Fiber Solutions
Over the last decade synthetic high performance
ropes and slings have become a critical lifting
component, replacing steel wire rope.
Modern, high strength synthetic fibers are
remarkably durable and will not rust, corrode or
fish-hook. They are not affected by salt or fresh
water, and wear points can be protected from
abrasion, cutting and heat damage. They are
also easy to inspect and repair.
Lightweight fiber lifting slings offer significant
reductions in rigging time and manpower.
They are 86% lighter than steel wire rope,
and offer superior flexibility which translates
into fewer rigging injuries. They are also soft
on hands offering a safer solution for riggers
and expensive payloads. In heavy lift projects,
installation crews also receive savings in
transportation and storage costs.
Benefits of Fiber vs. Steel:
  • Lighter and easier to handle
  • Minimal set-up costs
  • Faster turnarounds
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • No fish hooks
  • Reduced total costs
  • No maintenance
  • Works well on winches
  • Easy to splice
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